Estill Voice International is proud to announce the release of Foundations of Estill Voice Training® in Chinese. Our revolutionary, science backed, self-directed, online course for training the voice has been fully translated into Simplified Chinese and is available for purchase today on the Estill Voice Online Academy.

Estill Voice Training® is offered in over 33 countries and in 6 languages. The release of Foundations of Estill Voice Training® in Chinese marks the first official translation of Estill Voice Training® into Simplified Chinese.

Estill Voice International President, Dr. Kimberly Steinhauer, announced the release at a virtual TEDx Talk in Shanghai called “Music Language & Communication.” Steinhauer emphasized the significance of the new translation:

Estill Voice International’s core value is vocal empowerment for all. The new Simplified Chinese translation of our revolutionary online course for training the voice moves us one step closer to achieving this mission. Estill Voice Training® transcends the boundaries of any country or people and unites us around a common goal of vocal empowerment for all. Thanks to this new translation, more people have the ability to access and understand our life changing model. 

Special thanks to our lead translator, Vera Chueng, whose outstanding work and cooperation with other Chinese speaking members of the Estill Voice community lead to today’s release.

Interested in taking the new course in Chinese? Visit the Estill Voice Online Academy today!


Estill 嗓音训练®基础课程是一门自主学习的在线课程,也是你发声能力进取之旅的起点


  • 扩大发声能力边界,锻炼灵活性与耐力
  • 掌握健康的发声方式
  • 学习可以自由控制的13种发声结构
  • 了解个人的发声习惯
  • 学习如何保持嗓音的活力与健康
  • 还有许许多多精彩内容!


  • 视频
  • 短篇阅读材料
  • 解剖示意图
  • 探索性发声练习
  • 思考题
  • Estill 嗓音训练一阶课程:嗓音控制图谱™和二阶课程:结合嗓音控制图谱,打造六种音质™中的例子
  • 使用Voiceprint Plus 上的示例,练习和讲解自主学习,轻松掌握进程