The Estill Voice Training® community includes over 900 certified members in more than 33 countries, each with unique artistic specializations and interests spanning vocal performance, education, and rehabilitation. Our rigorous certification standards ensure that all of our members have demonstrated expertise in Estill Voice Training®.

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Estill Figure Proficiency (EFP)

Everybody starts with Estill Figure Proficiency.

The EFP is earned by demonstrating the basic options for voice control taught in Estill Voice Training® Level 1 and 2 Courses.

Estill Master Trainer (EMT)

Many EFPs move on to Estill Master Trainer.

The EMT is earned by demonstrating basic knowledge of Estill Voice Training Content, advanced proficiency in the EVT Voiceprint protocol and hand signals, and effective training of individuals learning the EVT Figures and Qualities.

Estill Mentor & Course Instructor (EMCI)

Some EMTs aspire to Estill Mentor & Course Instructor.

The EMCI earns the privilege to present public courses in Estill Voice Training® and commits to “training the trainers”, playing a vital role in the certification process as coach, examiner, & mentor.


1. Attend a Course

When people hear about the power and effectiveness of Estill Voice Training®, they want to become Certified as soon as possible. But, taking a course is Step One! The more courses you attend, the more you will learn. Estill Voice Training® includes the theoretical understanding of the Estill Voice Model™ (the “book learning” of the anatomy, physiology, and acoustics of voice production), and the motor learning of the Figures and Qualities. Can you demonstrate these throughout your range?

a) Take our online course Foundations of Estill Voice Training® here.

b) Find a Level 1 and Level 2 Course here.

2. Practice the Figures for Voice™ and Figure Combinations for Six Voice Qualities™

Practice the Figures and Qualities for a few minutes every day. Use the Figures in a Flash and Estill Voiceprint Plus™ to enhance your practice routine. And, sign up for many courses by many instructors to increase your brain and voice skills.

3. Find an Estill Mentor & Course Instructor for EFP Testing

You can study Estill Voice Training® and coach with either an Estill Master Trainer or an Estill Mentor & Course Instructor. When you are ready to take the Estill Voiceprint Plus Protocol examination for the Estill Figure Proficiency, you must find an EMCI to administer this examination. You must pass off on all the tasks in the Voiceprint Protocol within 3 attempts. The exam takes less than an hour for the well-prepared applicant. Each EMCI sets his/her/their own fee for EFP Testing (minimums are suggested by EVI and listed in the Certification-at-a-Glance).

4. Sign Up in the Estill Certification Center to “Register for EFP Testing”

When you are ready to Register for Estill Figure Proficiency Testing, click here. This link will take you to our Certification Center where you can “Sign Up”. You must “Register for EFP Testing” before you meet with your examiner. This process enters you into the Estill Voice International certification registry and gives you access to the EVT Representative Extranet. This will facilitate getting your name onto once you earn that Estill Figure Proficiency!

Moving on…

Earning the EFP qualifies you to move on towards becoming a Estill Master Trainer. Consult the Certification Manual and browse the EVT Representative Extranet to learn all the steps to take.


Becoming an EVI-certified teacher is a personal journey that always begins with attending a Course. These courses are offered all over the world and in a variety of formats, from 5-day intensives to weekend study spread over several months. You can search for upcoming courses by clicking here. You may also consider reaching out to a Estill Master Trainer or Estill Mentor and Course Instructor to learn more about studying Estill Voice Training® at a distance. Many of our of our instructors are available online through platforms like Skype and Google Hangouts. You can find out more by searching our directory of Estill Certified Instructors here.

The first level is the Estill Figure Proficiency (EFP)
, awarded to individuals who can effectively demonstrate the basic options for voice control taught in Level 1 and 2 courses. It is a skill-based oral exam that tests your vocal control similar to the way an oral interview may test your fluency in a language. The timeline varies based on your understanding of the Figures and personal practice; 1-2 years since attending your first course is typical.

The Estill Master Trainer (EMT)
is awarded to individuals who wish to teach Estill Voice Training® to others. It requires successful completion of a written exam, an oral exam, and teaching observations. The timeline also varies, but 2-5 years after achieving the EFP is common. All instructors who promote themselves and their businesses as Estill Voice Training® teachers must hold this certification.

The final level of certification is the Estill Mentor and Course Instructor (EMCI). These individuals have undergone intensive studies, testing, and teaching observations in order to be able to teach official Estill Voice Training® courses to the public. It is common for EMTs to have 10 or more years experience before they begin to pursue EMCI certification.

Costs vary by level and region of the world. Suggested fees are in the certification at a glance. There are Estill Voice International Testing and Registration fees, training fees to your EMCI, and once certified there are annual certification dues. All fees and dues are outlined in the The Certification Manual, Version 5.2 which can be viewed here.

It may be possible for you to study with a certified instructor at a distance via remote platforms such as Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts, but online lessons will not fulfill the course attendance requirements for certification. You can find out more by searching our directory of Estill Certified Instructors here. You may also consider beginning your Estill Voice Training® journey by traveling to attend a Level 1 Course. These courses take place all over the world, with new offerings being added to our list of upcoming courses every day.

Estill Figure Proficiency – for anyone who wants to demonstrate that they can do all the figures and qualities;
Estill Master Trainer – for those who want to teach the figures and qualities in a private studio, clinic, or office;
Estill Mentor and Course Instructor – train the trainers, mentor others in the certification program, and teach the official Level 1 and Level 2 courses.

The Certification Manual and Certification-at-a-Glance clarify the certification process and outline minimum fees.

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