An online voice training course backed by voice science.

Estill Voice Training®, the leader in voice training & rehabilitation across the globe, is proud to offer Foundations of Estill Voice Training®. This completely self-directed online course is the beginning of your journey to vocal empowerment and will introduce you to our unique and powerful system for training the voice.

  • Videos

  • Short Readings

  • Anatomical Diagrams

  • Exploratory Vocal Exercises

  • Journal Reflections

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Foundations of Estill voice training course

In this course you will explore the history, theory, and practical exercises behind the world’s leading model of voice training. Learn at your own pace and on your own time. Complete and review the course as many times as you want on the brand new Estill Voice Online Academy. There is no expiration date!

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Treating voice training as an ongoing science makes everyone partners in the process and doesn’t invalidate or alienate. In fact, Estill Voice Training truly invites a team approach to learning.

Mark Lee, Music Teacher, Massachusetts
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