Singer and Singing Teacher
EFP: 2007
EMT: 2009

Gunlis is a singing teacher and freelance singer including classical, ballads, folk songs.

She served at the Malmö Academy of Music since 1978, training music teacher students in vocal technique and interpretation. For several years she was a vocal teacher/coach at the Malmö Academy of Theatre and at institutional theatres.

Gunlis Ardevall is also a certified instructor and coach in BrainGym®. She and her colleague Kjell Edstrand, pianoteacher, introduced BrainGym® as a tool for instruction and tuition at the Malmö Academy of Music.

2001 she came in contact with EVTS at a course held by Helga Westmark and Dorte Hyldstrup in Copenhagen.

Since 2009 she teaches introductory EVT courses, level one & level two, in Malmö Academy of Music


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