EMT: 2009

Andy is a freelance vocal coach working in the North of England.

He teaches students in all genres of music and clients have gone on to work in opera houses, West End theatres and on TV.

Andy teaches from a private, custom-built studio in St Helens, Lancashire.

Andy regularly works with local universities, working with trainee teachers, helping them to understand the benefits of vocal health. He also runs workshops for professional voice users.

Andy is a director of Classical Voice Training Ltd, along with Professor Janice Chapman, a company that presents training courses based on her book 'Singing and Teaching Singing'. 

He is also the founding director of Vocal Training UK, using the Estill principles of Craft - Artistry - Performance to train CCM singers.

Andy studied Estill Voice Training™ under Matthew Reeve and Klaus Møller on the Reeve & Møller Certification Pathway™ and became a Certified Master Teacher in August 2009.

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