Singing Teacher/Singer
EFP: 2013
EMT: 2015

Diana Olierook (born 1982) is a female vocalist who has a lot of practical experience in and passion for her profession. Being raised by a mother who was a full-time singer and having a grandfather who performed as an accordionist-singer for years, music came to her naturally as a child. Throughout her childhood she regularly performed in national TV shows in The Netherlands and she has been performing on stage as a professional pop singer ever since she was 16 years old.   At the moment, her main occupation are her coverbands  Universe and Dimension12, and her music school Hometown Studio. Diana established her own teaching practice (vocal school) in 2011. This school initiated as her self-developed concept ‘Junior Star Factory’ focusing specifically on kids aged 6 to 12. In the meantime, her school has grown to become a fully-fledged company in which she teaches both young learners and adults. Diana started in February 2011 with EVT and is a Certified Master Teacher since October 2015.

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