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EFP/EMT Certification Practice Group ONLINE

Certification Training
Course ID: 764
Date: 2020/04/21 to 2020/12/08 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 8.15pm - 9.45pm EST (Melbourne, Australia) Cost: $77AUD a session Language: English
Instructors: Stephanie Marko
Contact: Stephanie Marko | | +61434476406
Course Location:
ONLINE via Zoom meeting room

Participants of this class are pursuing certification in the Estill Voice Training System, therefore you must have attended an Estill Level 1&2 Course. 

This group class covers a Figure each session and allows for you to get personal feedback via video during the week between sessions (using an app called Marco Polo). This avoids "accidental practice" and creating unwanted attractor-states before the skill is even learnt!

Our main focus is to facilitate/learn through playfulness with your voice and also your learning of the anatomy, physiology and acoustic studies of the Estill work to prepare you for Phase One exams. These group sessions will also give opportunities to our Phase Two CMT-Candidates a platform to practise teaching the figures too.

About The Voice Gym - Stephanie Marko:

The Voice Gym is a voice studio that specialises in The Estill Model and craft application. Stephane and Gerald Marko are the directors and they are both EMCIs with Testing Privileges. The Voice Gym mission is to give the power back to the singer/speaker to control their mechanism and apply it to any artistry of their choosing. Both Gerald and Stephanie are puzzlers. Craft offers a creative and inspired opportunity for them to find and solve the issues and release the artistry choices and performance. They enjoy working with open and courageous teachers who continue to be learners. They also work in conjunction with Speech and Language Pathologists and Otolaryngologists to assist/coach injured voices to recover and return with healthier habits (and get that spark of joy back).

Stephanie is a EMCI with Testing Privileges from Melbourne, Australia. She has extensive knowledge in the application of the Estill Voice Model in a wide range of genre. She has taught the Estill Courses for 10 years around the world. Stephanie currently teaches at the Contemporary Voice and Music Theatre at the Popular Music Degree and Theatre Studies at Monash University and Masters of Performance (Teaching) at Melbourne University as well as with The Voice Gym. Stephanie has taught children, pre-school to matriculation for over thirty years in schools, workshops, dance schools and is currently opening The Voice Gym Kids.

She has performed on a wide range of stages in Australia and Europe, in styles including Opera, Music Theatre, Cover bands, Corporate gigs - Contemporary (Pop, Rock, Soul) and Music Theatre promotion in Europe, Backing Vocals, Session Singing, Choral Work and Musical Direction of Music Theatre. This experience gives Stephanie the insight to apply Estill Voice Training over a wide variety of genres and the understanding of the needs of performers and voice teachers.

Stephanie's Music Theatre credits include Grizabella (Jellylorum cover) in Cats - Denmark (in Danish), Gumbie/Jenny Anydots in Cats Germany (German) and Carlotta in Phantom of the Opera in Germany (German). She toured Australasia with Gordon/Frost's production of Hello Dolly that went on to win Tony Awards, and Carmen (Stadium Production) with Opera Australia.

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