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Online Master Class

Special Topics
Course ID: 723
Date: 2020/06/24 to 2020/06/24 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 10.30 - 18.00 Cost: 130 Euro / observers 30 Euro Language: English
Instructors: Dorte Hyldstrup, Marcello Zempt
Contact: Sasha Divain | | +7(978)871-70-40
Course Location:
To Be Announced in Moscow
To Be Announced in Moscow 
Moscow Moscow

"Knowledge is Power" - Jo Estill

This Master Class offers insight into the Estill model´s effective tools.

Open to everyone - also those not familiar with Estill Voice Training. All genres are welcome.

By having a common language and concrete exercises, we can make effective strategies for ourselves and our students/clients. All participants, both active and observers will be included in the Estill experts´ reflections on each participant´s session.

You will work alternately with Marcell Zempt, EMCI from the Netherlands / Italy and Dorte Hyldstrup, EMCI with advanced testing privileges from Denmark.

The coaching language is english with russian translation.

Each participants will have 2 sessions, each of 25 minutes.

Maximum number of active participants: 7

NB When you register for this ONLINE workshop you must be prepared to use either your own karaoke, accompany yourself or sing acapella. Participation in the Master Class also require a good internet connection.

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