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Level 1 and 2 Course

Level 1 and 2 Course
Course ID: 666
Date: 2020/05/21 to 2020/05/25 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 10:00-18:00 Cost: Early bird: 550 euros (600 after April 22nd) Language: English
Instructors: Marcello Zempt, Sasha Divain
Contact: Sasha Divain | | +7(978)871-70-40
Course Location:
to be announced
to be announced 
Kiev north-central Ukraine

This course is for anyone who would like to improve their singing or speaking voice: singers, actors, vocal coaches, drama instructors, Speech-Language Pathologists and other vocal health professionals.

Level 1: Figures for Voice™ teaches the tools of the craft to add strength, clarity and stamina to your voice! Participants will use EVT’s innovative Figures for Voice™ to learn control of the vocal structures that influence voice quality. Each Figure features exercises that will give you new vocal options for every singing or speaking style.

Level 2 combines the Figures from Level 1 to produce six voice qualities: Speech, Falsetto, Sob, Twang, Opera, and Belting. Figure Combinations for Six Voice Qualities™ offers a clear understanding of the voice’s limitless possibilities, along with how to keep it vibrant and healthy.

Throughout the day, the new voice skills are practiced in small group sessions. There will also be ample time for questions, discussion, and work on individual repertoire or case studies.

Presented by Estill Mentor Course Instructor Marcello Zempt (NL & IT) & Estill Master Trainer Sasha Divain, Ukraine.

Early bird price: 550 euros (enrolment/payment of the tuition fee before April 22)

It's possible to attend the two courses separately. In order to attend the Level 2, participants need to have previously attended the Level 1 course.

Price for Level 1: 350 euros (400 after April 22) Price for level 2: 300 euros (350 after April 22)

The course is organised by International Association of Teachers of Singing

Presented in English with Ukrainian/Russian translation.

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