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Developing Your Estill Eyes & Ears: A Deep Dive into the Figures & Qualities

Special Topics
Course ID: 342
Date: 2019/06/28 to 2019/06/30 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 10-6:30pm EST Cost: 495 Language: English
Instructors: Thomas Burke III
Contact: Tom Burke | | 3478678287
Course Location:
Burkestone Estate
87 Count Route 31 c/o Tom Burke Voice Studio
Hudson NY
United States

Obsessed with Estill?

Then this Estill Course is for you.


You know the Figures.

You can sing in the 6 Basic Qualities.

Now, you want the Advanced Tools to improve your technique as a teacher or singer.

In this course you will gain...

Better Ears

Find yourself asking: “How do they do that?!” when you’re listening to your favorite singers? Confused about describing your own voice? Can you create sounds that don’t quite fit nicely into a figure and you MUST know what you are (or might be) doing?

Get faster about identifying what you’re hearing (or doing) and how to reproduce those sounds. Deepen your diagnostic skills with group discussions on the figure and quality permutations used by your favorite singers and speakers during video review sessions aptly named, "YouTube University."

Better Eyes

Do you feel like Voiceprint could be really helpful in accelerating your progress but you’re a little, um... intimidated or confused about how to use it? Overwhelmed by all those blue and green lines?

Clarify what you can see on Estill VoicePrint Plus and learn how to use it to get faster results for common vocal problems (i.e. pitch precision, clarifying different types of mixes, negotiating breaks, singing with power in the high range and more).

More “Ownership” of the material

Does this sound familiar? You know there’s more to the story than just the name of the figure and the isolated conditions but you’re not exactly sure what “more” there is.

Learn what "electrifies" Estill with Anatomy & Physiology tutorials on the origin, insertion, and innervation of vocal tract musculature. Use that knowledge to help gain more confidence in knowing WHY you are choosing a particular figure or vocalise for your voice. Oh...and have a blast while learning with a veteran Estill Mentor & Course Instructor, Tom Burke.

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