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Special Topics

Advancing with EVT Figures & Qualities Applications, Variations / Pedagogy
Course ID: 2151
Date: 2023/03/11 to 2023/03/12 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: Sat. 16 -21pm, Sun. 9 - 17pm Cost: 275€ Language: Prerequisites: level 1+2 courses
Instructors: Helga Westmark
Contact: Helga Westmark | | 24632212
Course Location:
Your Music Vocal Coaching
Eulenstrasse 70A 
Hamburg Europe

This course is presented by Helga Westmark, who was one of the first Certified Course Instructors in Europe. She was taught and educated by Jo Estill herself during the 90´s and has more than 30 years of experience with EVT. She is educating new people all the way through the EVT system. Read more about her on 

Advancing with Figures & Voice Qualities workshop is open to those, who have taken the Estill level One + two courses! This course is a practical repetition of Figures and Qualities in the EVT Model & variations of qualities and general application of the EVT Model.

This course is only practical to enhance and improve the skills by group and individual training. The workshop focuses on good repetition of Figures and Qualities in the EVT Model, variations of basic voice qualities. - Furthermore time for discussion about problems and solutions with EVT & how to apply Estill tools when speaking or singing. Pedagogical application!

NB! Bring songs to work with - problems are very welcome!

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