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Introductory Workshop

EVT Introduction to Belting
Course ID: 1873
Date: 2022/05/21 to 2022/05/21 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 10am-5pm Cost: £75 (Bangor Student Rate £50 with code) Language: English Prerequisites: None
Instructors: Tim Richards, Ian Nicholas
Contact: Ian Nicholas | | 07885 911894
Course Location:
Bangor University
Mathias Hall, School of Music College Road
Bangor Wales

Our first ever course in North Wales takes an introductory look at Belting. We will address the differences between physiological and descriptive language to clearly define what it is, and also explore how we acquire the skills required to do it safely and efficiently. Tim and Ian have had the privilege of teaching many wonderful West End Belters over the years, and this course will address both how we belt, but also why we might choose to, and what the alternative choices are.

The morning will take the form of an overview of the anatomy and physiology involved as well as detailed practice of the skills required. The afternoon will explore Belting and some of the alternatives and culminate in a short Open Session where participants will have the opportunity to try out a section of song and receive some expert coaching.

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