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Introductory Workshop

Exploring Estill: Larynx Height - ONLINE
Course ID: 1854
Date: 2022/05/24 to 2022/05/24 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 8pm - 9pm Melbourne Time (UTC+10) Cost: $30 AUD Language: English Prerequisites: None!
Instructors: Jenny Caire
Contact: Jenny Caire | | +61404919854
Course Location:
Melbourne Victoria

Exploring Estill: Larynx Height

Does the larynx have to be in a stable position all the time?

Discover how larynx height can enhance vocal range.

How does changing larynx height affect voice quality?

How can this be done without scratching or damage?


ONLINE Estill Workshops

Want to dip your toe into Estill waters, but are not ready for a full Estill Course?

Maybe you’ve done an Estill Course and would like to recap some of the material covered. 

Would you like to further develop your kinesthetic awareness to improve consistency and reliability in your tone?

Over Term 2 (Victoria, Australia), Voicewell presents weekly Estill Figures 

No obligation to attend all sessions

Each workshop lasts for one hour

Time permitting, there will be opportunity for questions and problem-solving

Cost $30AUD

Registration and pre-payment essential - workshops will NOT be recorded (you must attend in real time)

Minimum of 4 participants required to proceed with each workshop. 

These online sessions have been devised for those who are not able to attend a complete Estill Course. There is no obligation to attend every session. The aim is to introduce you to what is covered in more detail should you decide to embark upon a formal Estill Course. 

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