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Introduction to Estill Voice Training

Introductory Workshop
Course ID: 1328
Date: 2021/04/11 to 2021/04/11 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 3pm-7pm Cost: £55 Language: English Prerequisites: None
Instructors: Aimee Leonard, Matilda Lindell , Femke Swart
Contact: Aimée Leonard | | 07990876441
Course Location:
Aimee Leonard
London London
United Kingdom

Ever wondered how your voice works?

Or perhaps thought, 'How do they do that?!"

This workshop seeks to provide some solid answers and perhaps bust a few vocal myths along the way!

We will explore the 13 figures for voice and the 6 voice qualities: Speech, Falsetto, Sob, Twang, Opera and Belt in an interactive fun workshop for speakers (actors, teachers, public speakers) singers of all genres, voice teachers and SLT's.

This is a physiological, scientific approach to voice training which focuses on training specific structures of the vocal tract to gain greater artistic expression. If you are wondering whether to dive into a Level 1 and 2 course this will provide an overview and prepare you for the new terminology you will encounter. There will be time during the course for questions and some open coaching to show Estill in Action. Please come prepared with a short cut of a song (Verse/Chorus) or piece of text you can play with.

The course is 4 hours via zoom but we will have brain breaks and moving around to prevent too much Zoom fatigue!

Any questions please contact me via my website @ aiméeleonardvoice or via email

Cost is: £55 you can book your place and pay here BOOK

Aimée Leonard is an Estill Master Trainer and Voice coach for London Southbank and Newcastle Universities. She also runs community choirs and has run voice/singing workshops for several arts companies including The Old Vice, The English Folks Dance and Song Society, The National Youth Theatre and Kneehigh Theatre. Aimée runs her own online voice studio and co-runs WorkYourVoice with fellow Estillian Dom Coyote.

Assisting during the workshop will be Estill Master Trainer, Singer and Actor Femke Swart from The Netherlands. Femke is a wonderful singer and performer and teacher. Also assisting is Matilda Lindell who is a singer, voice coach and Estill Master Trainer from Sweden! In her online voice studio she is currently helping voice teachers to evolve their own voice and toolbox. Her most recent artist project is releasing her own renditions of a selection of ABBA songs. I am delighted they will be joining me.

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