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CONTEMPORARY LEGIT with EVT - Training and Singing in Music Theatre - Online

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Date: 2021/02/07 to 2021/02/07 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 11.00am-2.00pm GMT (11:00-14:00hrs) Cost: £50 ; £30 student fee (see website for conditions) Language: English Prerequisites: NONE
Instructors: Anne-Marie Speed, Alison Guill
Contact: Anne-Marie Speed | | +44 7957 272554
Course Location:
United Kingdom

Overview:  There is considerable confusion over the term ‘Contemporary Legit’ among many singing teachers. What repertoire does it cover and what are the stylistic differences from classical lyrical singing, are two of the most common. Most MT courses begin with lyrical singing but it can be difficult to identify what sound to work towards and how to integrate it into more contemporary writing. As many students are uncomfortable with legit singing, how can the teacher ease them into it without the student feeling restricted, both vocally and artistically? 

The day will include:      

•   Defining the era; composers and musicals

•   Defining the sound; technically and stylistically 

•   Examples of Contemporary Legit and where to use it

•   Classical versus Contemporary Legit  - Differences in technique, style and performance 

•   How Estill Voice Training can help distinguish between Classical singing and Contemporary Legit

•   Live demonstrations

•   Q&As

Suitable for: People new to the Estill Voice Training; those familiar with EVT, looking for clarification and consolidation; singers and teachers; students and professionals.

Presented by: Anne-Marie Speed ~ West End and International Vocal Coach – Film, Theatre, Musical Theatre, TV; Estill Mentor and Course Instructor (with Service Distinction & Advanced Testing Privileges), Estill Lifetime Achievement Award 2019 and Alison Guill, Estill Master Trainer; Professor, Musical Theatre, Royal Academy of Music

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