There are many options for learning Estill Voice Training, and the content of our Level One and Level Two courses is consistent the world over. All courses are suitable for singers, actors, public speakers, voice teachers, and clinical voice professionals. Each course offers clearly illustrated workbooks, engaging presentations, and opportunities for individual attention in practice groups and open coaching sessions. Level One is a 3-day course, Level Two a 2-day course.

If you are ready to start your Estill Voice Training  journey, find a course and enroll in a 3-Day Level One or a 5-Day Level One & Two Course now.   


What can you expect at an EVT course?

You will…

  • Find the moving parts of your voice

  • Feel the muscles that move those parts

  • Hear the sound change as you move the parts

  • See the sound on Voiceprint…our revolutionary visual feedback software

Along with…

  • Exciting lectures that answer nearly all your voice questions…even before you ask!

  • Small Group Practice where you get personal feedback on practicing the Figures

  • Open Coaching of text and song to put EVT in action

  • Connections to people who share your passion

Estill Voice Training Course Options

1. Introductory Workshop

  • Start with these short EVT introductions to see how the voice works, tune your ears to a new world of vocal colors, and feel the difference.

2. Level One Course

  • EVT Level One: Figures for Voice™ teaches the Craft of speaking and singing. During this 3-day course, students explore 13 vocal structures that influence voice quality. Each structure produces a range of different vocal sound effects. The Figures for Voice are exercises used to develop control of each structure’s options. Participants are given the opportunity to practice their new Figure skills in small group practice sessions. Open coachings provide the opportunity for participants to work on a speech or song and to explore the Figure solutions to any artistic or technical challenge. The skills developed in Level One will help add strength, clarity and stamina to your voice!

3. Level Two Course

  • Level Two: Figure Combinations for Six Voice Qualities™ builds on the knowledge and skills from Level One by asking students to combine different Figure options to mix “recipes” for six basic voice qualities. Speech, Falsetto, Sob, Twang, Opera, and Belt are the qualities researched by Jo Estill and provide the foundation for the Estill Voice Model. This 2-day course highlights the human voice’s limitless possibilities, along with how to keep it vibrant and healthy.

4. Figure Practice Groups

  • These small groups are a great way to hone the skills you learned in EVT Level One and Two Courses. Meet fellow Estill Voice Training students and practice your Figures under the guidance of experienced certified instructors.

5. Special Topics Workshops

  • These workshops presented by certified instructors take place all over the world and cover a variety of special topics. Popular workshop themes include vocal pedagogy, voice therapy, and artistic applications of Estill Voice Training for music theatre, opera, choral directing, commercial music, performance psychology, and public speaking.

6. Certification Training Workshops

  • Taught by an Estill Mentor and Course Instructor, these offerings appear in many scheduling and topic formats that correspond to the level of Certification being pursued. 

“I wanted to write and thank you for such a great weekend and such a fascinating course. I was enthralled by the entire concept and approach. You also really gave me something that I needed at that moment and I’m grateful. My season of marathon singing began last weekend and I had a chance to put what I had learned to some very practical use. And it worked beautifully. I’m finding all sorts of new places and colours and choices. And the public reaction was immediate to what I was doing! Yow!”

Hugh Ball , Performer, Jardin Nelson, Montreal, Quebec

“Why am I an Estill Voice Training practitioner? Obviously, I respect the quality of Jo Estill’s research. She has produced a systematic approach to voice training that I have used successfully for the past twenty-two years in my work with undergraduate singers. It is one thing for Jo Estill to have been named one of the most significant voice scientists in the world today. She joins the ranks of many such gifted scientists. However, it is quite another thing to have fine tuned her research in such a way as to offer singers a disciplined approach that meets the demands of the profession today; namely, the ability to sing a variety of voice qualities with confidence, endurance, and artistic sensitivity. My colleagues and I think so highly of Jo Estill’s work that we have developed a four-year undergraduate voice curriculum using her published materials. There is no greater “testimony” as to the trust we have in this approach to the training of the singing voice than to offer it to the next generation as a foundation for their professional careers.”

Julie T. Fortney , DMA Professor of Voice, Voice Division Coordinator Mars Hill College, Mars Hill, NC

”  40,000 people at Jamboree in the Hills waited, but I didn’t step on stage until I finished my Estill Voice Exercises I sing daily with my IPod.  After my rousing vocal performance, those 40,000 people transformed into 40,000 cheering fans!”

Vanessa Campagna, National Recording Artist