EMT Spotlight: Heather Hitchcock

Estill Master Trainer Spotlight: Heather Hitchcock This Estill Master Trainer spotlight features, Heather Hitchcock, based in New Albany, Ohio, USA. Heather is a vocal coach, teaching out of her private studio, One Voice Studios, as well as on location for live recordings, studio sessions, vocal workshops and conferences throughout North America. Heather has been a guest lecturer [...]

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EMT Spotlight: Hope McNamara Sear

Estill Master Trainer Spotlight: Hope McNamara Sear This Estill Master Trainer spotlight features, Hope McNamara Sear, an Estill Master Trainer based in Oxford, United Kingdom. Hope is a Chorister Singing Teacher for the world renowned Christ Church Cathedral Choir, in Oxford. Current home (city, country): Oxford, UK Where did you grow up?: London, Ontario, Canada Why you [...]

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The Top 5 Features in the Estill Voice App

Estill Exercises has content in over six languages, brief overviews of each figure/ quality, fun ways to practice, and a community forum to ask all your Estill specific questions, observations, and general musings. This app is your voice training companion. Let's walk through some of our favorite features: 1. Estill Voice Training in the Palm [...]

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End of Year Message 2021

From the desk of Dr. Kimberly Steinhauer Estill Voice International, President Congratulations! We made it through 2021. As I reflect on the year, we didn’t just make it, we excelled thanks to you. 2021 flew by with a flurry of Estill happenings: a scintillating symposium, the long-awaited launch of Foundations of Estill Voice Training on [...]

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EMT Spotlight: Marie-Catherine Bouchard

Estill Master Trainer Spotlight: Marie-Catherine Bouchard This Estill Master Trainer spotlight features, Marie-Catherine Bouchard, an Estill Master Trainer based in Quebec. Marie-Catherine is a Professor of Voice at Cégep de Sainte-Foy. Current home (city, country): Quebec City Where did you grow up?: Quebec City Why you do you love Estill Voice Training?: Because it provides [...]

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Learn The Language Of Estill Voice Training

Estill Voice Training gives you a community of like-minded singers and speakers...and now we all speak the same language. In Estill Voice Training, we speak a language rooted in science.  Some examples include: -“True Vocal Fold Body Cover” -“The Aryepiglottic Sphincter, AES” -“Head and neck anchoring” - & many more! Estill Voice Training teaches isolated [...]

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7 Benefits of Pursuing Certification in Estill Voice Training

Do you want to become a voice teacher, but aren’t sure which program to choose?  In this article, we discuss 7 benefits of pursuing certification in Estill Voice training. Reason 1 – Estill Voice Training Certification is Pandemic and Recession Proof We offer a Gold standard of voice training that is not rooted in one [...]

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Learn How To Get The Most Out Of Online Voice Lessons

Did you know that roughly 6.3 million students in the United States are now enrolled in at least one online course?  Not only that, but that number is growing due to the flexibility and benefits of virtual learning. Learning online has revolutionized access to high quality information in many fields, like voice.  In fact, online [...]

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