Estill Voice Training®

Using Science to Teach Voice

Using Science to Teach Voice

Estill Voice Training® teaches isolated control of individual anatomical structures within the voice production system. When you master the basic movements of healthy vocal function, you unlock endless possibilities for Artistry and opportunities for Performance Magic! Estill Voice Training® puts the scientific theory into concrete practice to maximize voice control for your speaking, your singing, and your health.

Feel, See, & Hear the Difference!

We all have the same vocal parts, but through our upbringing, culture, and personal experiences, we use them in different ways. Just as no two people are alike, we each have individual vocal strengths, challenges, and learning preferences. Estill Voice Training combines:

  • Explicit Instruction

  • Visual Feedback 

  • Diagrams

  • Video Endoscopy 

  • Auditory Sound Files
  • Kinesthetic Exercises 

Everybody has a beautiful voice. You just have to learn how to use it!

-Jo Estill, Founder

Voice Training is best accomplished when separated into three disciplines:


Craft encompasses everything the voice is capable of. This stage is all about learning the structures that contribute to sound and feeling and gaining conscious control of them.


Artistry deals with how you apply these elements to your communications, be it a dramatic performance, musical endeavor, sales presentation, lecture, or customer service call.


Performance Magic is the experience of becoming one with your audience; the rare, breath-taking moments when you feel truly connected and understood.

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History of Estill Voice Training®

Jo Estill, world-renowned educator, researcher, and singer, founded Estill Voice Training (originally called Estill Voice Craft™) and the Figures for Voice™ (originally known as Compulsory Figures for Voice™) in 1988.

Jo began her career as a “classical” singer of Lieder and Opera. Today she is best known for her work with Belting, a voice quality heard in Pop and Music Theatre singing. Her unique approach separates the mechanics of singing from artistic and aesthetic preconceptions.

With nearly 25 years of experience in research in the physiology, acoustics, and perception of voice quality, Ms. Estill was published in the Annals of Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology, Journal of Voice, Medical Problems of Performing Arts, and, most recently, in Vocal Fold Physiology: Voice Quality Control, and Vocal Fold Physiology: Controlling Complexity and Chaos.

Jo Estill taught voice at college and professional levels for over 30 years, and conducted workshops in Compulsory Figures for Voice from 1988. She traveled to five continents training singers, actors, teachers, speech pathologists and others. Included on her resume were four 2-month sessions-in-residence at the Shiki Theatre and the Shochiku Dance Company in Tokyo, and two visits to London’s Central School for Speech and Drama.

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Estill Voice Training Benefits

  • Replaces mystery with knowledge

  • Reduces performance anxiety and promotes confidence
  • Empowers students to make choices
  • Provides vocal variety for performance and daily living
  • Leads to a balance of vocal health and aesthetic freedom

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