EMCI Spotlight: Cari Tellis

This trainer spotlight features Dr. Cari Tellis, an EMCI, certified speech-language pathologist, and professor in the Speech-Language Pathology Department at Misericordia University in Dallas, Pennsylvania, USA. Her ground-breaking research on implicit and explicit learning has changed thinking in how voice instruction is approached. She is also the founder of PATAsphere, a charitable program where young students receive training in all aspects of the performing arts, including the mechanics, care, and health of the voice.

Name: Cari Tellis

Current home (city, country): Dallas, PA, USA

Where did you grow up? Doylestown, PA

Biggest professional challenge: Appealing to the majority who do not like change or you can’t find value in looking at something different than traditional methodology. We can always learn something new.

Favorite Voice book: The Estill Voice Model, of course.

Last book read: Wolfpack by Abby Wambach

Person you would most like to have dinner with: Ellen DeGeneres.

Favorite performer: Cary Grant has always been my favorite actor. The Indigo Girls are my favorite band. The young performers at PATAsphere will always be my favorites.

Dream vacation: Anywhere near the beach.

3 Albums (CDs) you would take with you if stranded on a deserted island: All of the music written by my songwriting team for our three original musicals, “A Musing Tale,” “Just A Penny,” and “North Star Alley”.

Item(s) most likely to be found in your refrigerator: Eggs.

Hobby(ies): I love working with your performers in the performing arts.

Favorite quote: “You live every day, you only die once.”

People would be surprised to know… I was a three-sport varsity athlete in high school. I played field hockey, softball, and was on the swimming team.