Course Communication Update

Those who have compared Versions 4.0 and 5.0 of our Certification Manual may wonder where all the “Course Administration” information went. Well? It has evolved into Standard Operating Procedures for EVT Courses: guidelines for independent producers (schools, organizations) as well as Members of the EVT Community (the EFPs, EMTs, EMCIs who were formerly known as CFPs, CMTs, and CCIs).

The Estill Voice Training Certification Manual, Version 5.0, opens with the following text:

Jo Estill, creator of Estill Voice Training™, believed that “everyone has a beautiful voice” and that this beauty can be revealed when we understand the moving parts of the voice and how to control them. The central mission of Estill Voice International, LLC, is to make effective voice training accessible to everyone by supporting the members of its Estill Voice Training™ Community. We are all empowered by our knowledge of Estill Voice Training™ to become agents of change in our students’ lives and agents of a paradigm shift in vocal pedagogy.

The revisions in our latest Certification Manual streamline the step-by-step process of certification. Anyone can read in to page 10, or page 20, and have a clear picture of how the process works. This is very useful for those considering registering for one of our courses as a step towards earning certification. It is also reassuring for those sitting down to their first day in a Level One Course to know that each one of our EMCIs is highly qualified to lead course participants on an EVT voyage of vocal discovery – no matter from which town, city, or country this voyage begins.

Estill Voice Training coursesAs more and more people recognize the value of Estill Voice Training, there is increasing interest in producing EVT Courses. In previous versions of the Certification Manual there were sections of text devoted to course production for Members of the EVT Community who might welcome guidance. This made some sense, since most EMCIs would become course producers as well as presenters. But what of independent course producers? How were they expected to know that information about course production and administration was embedded within 87 pages of a document labeled “Certification Manual”?

Communicating how we set and enforce our high standards for certification is one way in which Estill Voice International preserves Jo Estill’s legacy. Maintaining the world-wide consistency of Estill Voice Training curriculum and learning activities is another. Our new Standard Operating Procedures for EVT Courses will support members of the EVT Community in hosting, scheduling, posting, and promoting courses. It will give course producers who have never attended an EVT course an inside look at how our courses are structured and staffed to deliver the learning experience that is creating so much excitement.

EVI, the EVT Community, and colleagues outside of our community will all benefit from a clearer understanding of who-does-what-when in a process that spans the time frame from entertaining the possibility of a course or workshop to printing out Certificates of Attendance. Certification and Course resources for both Certification and Courses will remain available for download on the extranet.