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Each of our instructors has gone through a rigorous certification process and are ready to help you achieve your vocal goals.

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We offer courses for everyone in all parts of the world no matter what level of training you’ve had or background you come from.

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Certified members of the EVT Community are recognized internationally for their extensive knowledge of the voice.

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The leader in voice training & rehabilitation across the globe.

Speakers, singers, and therapists are using this unique and powerful system every day. Listen for the Estill difference everywhere — Broadway, Nashville, Hollywood, Metropolitan Opera, Covent Garden, West End, Sydney Opera House, Fortune 500 Companies and Universities throughout the world! Our cutting-edge system, valuable voice feedback tools, and standardized certification program can help you achieve your personal vocal goals!

What Is Estill?
  • Do you like to listen to your voicemail greeting?

  • Do you avoid answering questions in class?

  • Do you need more power in your speaking voice?

  • Do you want to add new colors to your acting voice?

  • Do you want to speak free of pain and fatigue?

Estill offers a valuable model for speakers of all kinds – teachers, ministers, business executives, parents, sales-people – anyone whose life or career calls for heavy use of the voice. Never had a voice lesson in your life? No problem. Estill Voice Training uses  Estill Voiceprint Plus™ : state-of-the-art technology that records, analyzes, and plays back the voice. Even if you are a voice novice, these programs provide meaningful feedback about pitch and voice quality that will enhance your learning. Estill Voice Training’s exercises teach control of pitch, diction, and voice quality.

  • Do you ever ask yourself after a brilliant performance, “How did I do that? Will I be able to do it again?”

  • Do you want to sing higher?

  • Do you need to sing in many styles?

  • Do you want to sing without getting tired and hoarse?

  • Do you feel you have hit a plateau in your training?

  • Do you need creative solutions for voice training?

Estill is the “secret ingredient” used by some of the world’s top performers, voice teachers and vocal coaches. We embrace all voice qualities and all styles of singing – Pop to Opera!  Achieve your vocal goals in our Estill Voice Training courses, with an Estill Certified Trainer, with our visual feedback program Estill Voiceprint Plus™, our books, Estill Etudes, The Estill Adventure: Figures for Beginners, and The Estill Voice Model: Theory & Translation, or our brand new mobile app, Estill Exercises.

  • Do you need innovative and fun tools for voice therapy?

  • Do you need to understand the voice from the inside out to help others?

  • Do you need quick & easy ways to document treatment outcomes?

  • Do you need computer apps to help give your patients visual feedback?

Estill Voice Training exercises support sustained vocal health and vitality, and EVT principles are used in therapy around the world to rehabilitate injured voices. The Figures for Voice™ provide therapists and patients with a focused, goal-based approach to treatment. Our cutting-edge clinical programs, including Voice Evaluation Suite™Virtual Voice Trainer™, and Estill Voiceprint Plus™, are real-time spectral programs that can record, analyze, and play back the voice. These programs provide meaningful feedback about pitch, loudness, and voice quality to the voice therapist and patient that is sure to enhance learning and rehabilitation. Use our Make & Move Larynx for patient education.

estill voice training online academy

Introducing the Estill Voice Online Academy: the official online home for Estill Voice Training. 

Current Offerings:

This course takes you back in time to view Jo Estill lecturing on the origins of Estill Voice Training.

This course takes you back in time to view Jo Estill lecturing on the subjects of effort and breathing in speaking and singing.

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Learn, Listen, & Practice in the palm of your hand!

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“I owe Jo Estill a debt which can never be repaid.”

Paul Farrington , Technical Vocal Coach ROH Covent Garden

“It was nice to be reminded of how important my Estill training has been in guiding me to the point I’m at today. I’ve had more tools, thanks to Jo.”

JOAN LADER, Tony Award Winning Vocal Coach

“Jo Estill’s work is pioneering in that she was the first to separate voice quality clearly into source and filter components! Her basic vocal tract shapes associated with sob (yawn), twang, and sing (opera) are fundamental to our current understanding of how the source and the filter interact.”

Ingo R. Titze, PhD , World-renowned voice scientist and Director National Center for Voice and Speech

“Thanks to Estill Voice Training I successfully performed Edgardo in the Metropolitan Opera’s Lucia di Lammermoor & then the next night performed the Duke in Rigoletto!   Estill gave me the voice tools and confidence to rise up & conquer this challenge to thunderous applause and critical acclaim.”

Giuseppe Filianoti , International Tenor


  • estill voice master trainer sasha divain

EMT Spotlight: Sasha Divain

June 8th, 2021|Blog, News|

EMT Spotlight: Sasha Divain This Estill Master Trainer spotlight features, Sasha Divain, an Estill Master Trainer based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Sasha is a Vocal Coach & President of the International Association of Teachers of Singing. [...]


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