Everyone has a beautiful voice.

You just have to learn how to use it.  

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“I owe Jo Estill a debt which can never be repaid.”

Paul Farrington , Technical Vocal Coach ROH Covent Garden

“It was nice to be reminded of how important my Estill training has been in guiding me to the point I’m at today. I’ve had more tools, thanks to Jo.”

JOAN LADER, Tony Award Winning Vocal Coach

“Jo Estill’s work is pioneering in that she was the first to separate voice quality clearly into source and filter components! Her basic vocal tract shapes associated with sob (yawn), twang, and sing (opera) are fundamental to our current understanding of how the source and the filter interact.”

Ingo R. Titze, PhD , World-renowned voice scientist and Director National Center for Voice and Speech

“Thanks to Estill Voice Training I successfully performed Edgardo in the Metropolitan Opera’s Lucia di Lammermoor & then the next night performed the Duke in Rigoletto!   Estill gave me the voice tools and confidence to rise up & conquer this challenge to thunderous applause and critical acclaim.”

Giuseppe Filianoti , International Tenor


Black Voices Matter

June 8th, 2020|Blog|

Black Voices Matter By Jaron M. LeGrair These last several days in America have been extremely difficult for me. Seeing a long line of direct attacks against my community has been painful, confusing, and draining. [...]