Estill Exercises App

Estill in the Palm of your Hand Download Estill Exercises for iOS Download Estill Exercises for Android By Luke Steinhauer, Customer Experience, Estill Voice International  After over a year of development, creation, revision, testing, revision (again...), The Estill Exercises App is finally here! With content in over six languages, brief overviews of each figure/ quality, and fun ways to practice, this app is your new voice training companion. The app is the present day evolution of our physical product, Figures in a Flash, originally conceived and [...]

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Black Voices Matter

Black Voices Matter By Jaron M. LeGrair These last several days in America have been extremely difficult for me. Seeing a long line of direct attacks against my community has been painful, confusing, and draining. I am grieving. I am tired. I am angry. I am hurt. I have been using these days to reflect and think about my experiences as a Black man in America - even as an artist and teacher. I, too, have been met with stereotypical treatment based on my race. It [...]

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Voice Therapy inspired by Estill Voice Training®

Voice Therapy inspired by Estill Voice Training® By Laura Martín Bielsa & Alizia Romero (Originally published en español here) Speech Therapy comprises a professional area so wide it's almost impossible to concentrate on all of its extensions. Each patient presents a specific case with particular characteristics. They can have speech, language, and swallowing difficulties… and speech therapy has to be able to attend those necessities, whichever those are. Systematically, a clear protocol is followed when a new patient is received. The speech therapist evaluates the voice [...]

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Resources for Teaching Online

Resources for Teaching Online from Estill Voice International, LLC Many of us are dealing with the reality that our normal way of teaching has been moved to a virtual space. Adjusting to this new normal can be challenging for some. We're here to make things easier and offer solutions for the virtual voice studio. Below are a list of products we currently offer that can revolutionize not only the way you teach voice but also streamline your online teaching process: [...]

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Take a “breather”

Take a "breather" By Mary McDonald Klimek, Estill Voice International Vice- President  My Apple Watch reminds me to breathe several times a day.  Does it think I might forget? It is so busy tracking my daily activities and urging me to do more, that I truly appreciate it when the tapping on my wrist is asking me to slow down and simply BREATHE. My breath and I have a complex relationship with just a bit of “history”.  After all, we’ve been co-habiting this body for 70 years.   [...]

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