Start with an Introductory Workshop

Start with these short EVT® introductions to see how the voice works, tune your ears to a new world of vocal colors, and feel the difference.

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Take Foundations of Estill Voice Training®

This self guided online introduction introduces you to the foundation of the Estill Voice Model™ and prepares you for a Level 1 & 2 course.

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Attend a Level 1 & 2 Course

EVT Level 1: Figures for Voice™ teaches the Craft of speaking and singing. Level 2: Figure Combinations for Six Voice Qualities™ builds on the knowledge and skills from Level 1 by asking students to combine different Figure options to mix “recipes” for 6 basic voice qualities.

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Download our Estill Exercises App

Estill Exercises is a mobile app that offers overviews of Estill figures & qualities, fun ways to practice, and opportunities to connect with the Estill Voice community.

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Join a Practice Group

These small groups are a great way to hone the skills you learned in EVT Level One and Two Courses. Meet fellow Estill Voice Training® students and practice your Figures under the guidance of experienced certified instructors.

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Study with an Estill Certified Trainer

Our rigorous certification standards ensure that all of our members have demonstrated expertise in Estill Voice Training®.

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Learn about our certification program!

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