Enrich your Estill Voice Training Knowledge

We have training tools for teaching beginners, a book full of fun musical Estill exercises, The Estill Voice Model™: Theory & Translation, and more!

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Take Foundations of Estill Voice Training®

This self guided online introduction introduces you to the foundation of the Estill Voice Model™ and prepares you for a Level 1 & 2 course.

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Download our Estill Exercises App

Estill Exercises is a mobile app that offers overviews of Estill figures & qualities, fun ways to practice, and opportunities to connect with the Estill Voice community.

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Keep your Trainer Profile up to date

Estill Master Trainers & Estill Mentor & Course Instructors are granted the opportunity to have a public profile searchable by anyone who visits our site. Be sure to update regularly.

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Lead Small Groups at a Level 1 & 2 Course

Are you an EFP looking to become an EMT or are you an EMT-C? Find a course, reach out to the Course Instructor, and see how you can participate.

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Offer an Intro Workshop or host a Practice Group

Estill Master Trainers & Estill Mentor & Course Instructors are able to offer introductions to Estill Voice Training® and lead practice groups to build on the EVT® skills learned in Level 1 & 2 courses. Post a workshop today!

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Continue on your Certification Journey

If you are wanting to become an Estill Figure Proficiency holder, register for testing. If you are already an EFP and want to become an EMT, select a mentor. If you are an EMT who wants to become an EMCI, apply here.

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Attend Regional Summits, community Happy Hours, Research Reports, and our World Voice Symposium

We offer multiple opportunities to continue learning and connect with our vibrant community!

Community Continuing Education

Continue research in Voice Physiology and Motor Learning

The Estill Education Fund is a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to the support of projects and scholarship awards furthering education in the Estill Voice Model™ and Estill Voice Training®.

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