Estill Voice Training exercises support sustained vocal health and vitality, and EVT principles are used in therapy around the world to rehabilitate injured voices. The Figures for Voice™ provide therapists and patients with a focused, goal-based approach to treatment.

  • Do you need innovative and fun tools for voice therapy?

  • Do you need to understand the voice from the inside out to help others?

  • Do you need quick & easy ways to document treatment outcomes?

  • Do you need software and mobile apps to help give your patients visual feedback?

Estill Voice Training provides you with simple yet powerful concepts, fun exercises, and high tech computerized feedback to guide your practice.

Our cutting-edge clinical programs, including Voice Evaluation Suite™Virtual Voice Trainer™, and Estill Voiceprint Plus™.These programs provide meaningful feedback about pitch, loudness, and voice quality to the voice therapist and patient that is sure to enhance learning and rehabilitation.

Use our Make & Move Larynx for patient education:

Cari Tellis Estill Voice Training

Estill Voice Training has changed thinking in how voice instruction is approached.

Dr. Cari Tellis , Speech-Language Pathology Professor at Misericordia University