Singer, Singing Teacher, Musician, Physiotherapist
EMT: 2008

My name is Luca Annunziata, I’m a lead vocalist, a vocal technique and singing teacher. I sing, I play the bass and the guitar in different modern bands. I graduated in “Modern jazz singing” at the “Modern Music Academy” (A.M.M.) in Modena. Since 1990 I’ve been performing mostly with cover and tribute bands in many festivals and the clubs of the national circuit. I am continuously involved in various musical projects and collaborating with brilliant artists, driven from a true passion for music and for the emotions coming out from it to reach the chords of people’s soul. When I first knew the E. V .T . S. method and I realized its extraordinary advantages for learning and teaching the “management of the vocal instrument”, then I decided that it should have been my reference point to teach the vocal technique. I have a degree in Physiotherapy and I have a fondness for posturologia.

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