Molly Webb
EFP: 2016
EMT: 2019
Specialties: Singing, Speaking
Languages: English

Molly and her husband run a music school with three locations in Orange County, California. The vocal training Molly received in her early years didn’t prepare her for the commercial genres her students were requesting, so she began developing her own methods for teaching things like belt technique and breathy indie singing--while secretly worrying that she was destroying everyone’s voice because, as she heard from all her teachers, “pop singers don’t use good technique.” After having a NATS article pulled at the last minute for being “too controversial,” Molly found her first Estill workshop to be like a support group.Molly believes that pretty much everyone can learn to sing and that no one vocal technique or style is superior to others. As a teacher, she strives to make her studio a place for students to explore the many things their voices are capable of.She’s found her Estill training to be transformative and is excited to be working toward being an Estill Master Trainer. 

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