Lock, Emerita
Retired Emerita. Listing maintained in recognition of commitment to the Estill Voice Training Community over the course of many years.
EMT: 1998
EMCI: 1998
Kiereen qualified from the West End Speech Therapy training School (University College London) in 1969. Initially she worked with adults with neurological speech and language deficits and children with cleft lip and palate. For the past fifteen years she has specialised in voice disorders. With a therapeutic background in neurology, special needs and the treatment of Head and Neck Cancer she adopts an eclectic approach to the treatment and prevention of voice disorders. An experienced clinician, teacher and lecturer, Kiereen practises both in the NHS and in the private sector. She works closely with voice and singing teachers and related professionals and has a special interest in the developing voice. She is voice consultant at two leading choir schools and works in a dedicated multi disciplinary voice clinic. Kiereen is currently the only speech and language therapist in Great Britain certified to teach the Estill Voice Training Systems.

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