Jesse Oosterwechel
EFP: 2016
EMT: 2018

Specialties: Singing
Languages: Dutch, English

Jesse’s love for music started at a very young age. After hearing guitar music at her parents home, she knew right away she wanted to learn to play the guitar. She already loved to sing, so combining the two spoke for itself. Years later in high school, she played in a couple of pop- and rock bands and she also started to perform at a lot of venues. At the age of 18, Jesse started to study the bachelor Music Education at the ArtEZ Conservatory at Enschede (NL). Duringthis study she found out singing was her main passion. Therefor the choice to be a Estill Master Trainer was the way to go.The last 10 years she worked as a vocal coach at multiple private schools in the Netherlands. Singing is something magical to Jesse and it gives her the ultimate feeling of freedom. Besides the freedom you need to know how you use your voice on the right way. This is exactly what the wants to teach her students, no matter your age, level of singing of the style of music you prefer! 

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