Vocal Coach, Singing Teacher, President of FINATS
Juho Eerola
EFP: 2013
EMT: 2018

Specialties: Singing, Speaking
Languages: Finnish, English, Swedish

Juho Eerola is a Helsinki based vocal coach working with actors, performers and voice teachers. He specializes in musical theatre and has a vast experience in classical music. He has worked as a vocal coach in several theatres around Finland. His latest productions include The Addams Family at the Jyväskylä City Theatre and Zorro The Musical at the Kajaani City Theatre which both premiered fall 2021. Juho is an active member of the Estill Voice Training community and has participated all the Symposiums and Summits since the 7th Estill World Voice Symposium in Melbourne in January 2015. Since 2020 he has been the President of the Finnish Association of Teachers of Singing (FINATS). For more information visit: http://www.juhoeerola.com

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