Vocal Fixer, Singer and Producer, B.A. Music Education, Vocal Therapy Master
Alizia Romero
EMT: 2012

Specialties: Singing, Speaking
Languages: Spanish, English, French

Alizia is a professional singer since 1996 and vocal coach since 2000. She originally trained as a pianist and has a Degree in Music Education. She began to study voice in 1994 and has studied opera, jazz, pop and gospel. She started taking Alexander Technique lessons a few years ago and continues today. She has a Master in Vocal Therapy.She now works as a singer, both in studio and live performances, and is comfortable in many different styles and genres. She regularly performs in concerts, musical theatre and cabaret. Her recording studio work includes jingles, dubbing and backing vocals for other singers.She has been to many workshops and masterclasses taught by important personalities in the voice world: Alejandro Saorín in Italy, Elisabeth Peri Fontaa and Blandine-Calais Germain in France, and Gema 4, Ana María Sánchez, Teresa Verdera, Tom Burke, Steven Chicurel, Tatiana Botella, Kim Chandler, Cristina Arias and Robert Sussuma in Spain.Alizia's Estill studies began in 2007 when she attended her first courses led by Helen Rowson and Paul Farrington in Spain. After that, she regularly travelled to the UK to continue her studies, including several master classes given by Anne-Marie Speed and Paul Farrington at the Royal Academy of Music of London and certification workshops with Matthew Reeve and Klaus Møller. She qualified as a Certified Master Teacher for Estill Voice International in October, 2012, after completing the Reeve & Møller Certification Pathway™. She has continued her Estill knowledge with Tom Burke, Robert Sussuma, Alejandro Saorín and Mary McDonald Klimek. Nowadays she is immersed in her preparation process to begin the EMCI certification pathway, with Mary McDonald Klimek as her mentor.Alizia runs a private studio and teaches students of all musical genres, while organising workshops and conducting a proffesional gospel chamber choir "Las Chicas del Gospel". She has started the project "Escuela de Gospel" in 2018, with 50 weekly regular students in Zaragoza and workshops in other cities and countries. She conducts a classical choir "Coral Municipal de El Burgo de Ebro" and several vocal technique and singing groups. She teaches in Spain, France, Czech and Slovak Republic.From 2015 summer until 2019, she was a member of the Estill Certification Advisory Board and the first Secretary Officer from 2017 to 2019. She has been part of the First (Berlin) and Second (Barcelona) European Estill Summit Committée. She had attended to all Spain Summits and to London's Symposium. Her youtube channel has around 1 million views: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClM-Gtt1m2vywBT4CVWZhMA/ 

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