Curious about EVT or need a versatile Estill vocal athlete? An EFP is for you!

  • 1-2 years of study in Estill Voice Training

  • Demonstrates basic control of  Estill Voice Training exercises

  • Example:  Could be either a voice expert or a young student

  • Qualified to answer questions about EVT, share personal experience

  • NOT qualified to teach Official EVT Workshops or Courses, or to train others for certification


Want to dive deeper into EVT  or need a trainer to help you become an Estill vocal athlete? An EMT is for you!

  • 3-5 years of study in the science and concepts in Estill Voice Training

  • Demonstrates advanced control of Estill Voice Training exercises

  • Equipped to train EVT exercises and offer EVT solutions to vocal challenges

  • Qualified to teach complete EVT curriculum in the studio and clinic, can offer Official EVT Workshops, and coach toward certification

  • Not qualified to offer Official EVT Level 1 & 2 courses to the public or examine certification candidates


Seeking an official course or to become certified in Estill Voice Training®?
An EMCI is for you!

  • 5-10 years of experience as EMT and study in the science, concepts, and application of Estill Voice Training

  • Demonstrates expert control of Estill Voice Training exercises

  • Certified to teach EVT courses throughout the world

  • Mentors other EVT Trainers and professionals on every aspect of Estill Voice Training

  • Qualified to represent and present Official EVT Courses, workshops, presentations, and mentor and examine candidates for EFP

  • Only EMCIs with Testing Privileges can mentor and examine higher levels of Estill Certification