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Exploring Estill Belt: The Basics

Special Topics
Course ID: 981
Date: 2020/09/28 to 2020/09/28 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 8pm - 9:30pm AEST (UTC +10) Cost: $50AUD Language: English Prerequisites: None, although an understanding of False Vocal Fold Control, Anchoring and Breath effort will assist.
Instructors: Jenny Caire
Contact: Jenny Caire | | 0404919854
Course Location:
Melbourne Victoria

This workshop is part of the Exploring Estill series and participants will benefit from having done False Vocal Folds, Breath, and Anchoring workshops in the series.

What is Estill’s definition of Belt and how does it differ from other descriptions?

How do I Belt safely?

How much air do I need?

Is Belt Chest Voice taken up in the range?

Can anyone learn to Belt?

Discover the way the vocal tract is set up for this exciting, loud voice quality. Learn what it feels like on the inside and how to reliably reproduce the sound without vocal damage. 

Participants will be guided through exercises to set up the vocal tract for Belting. Introductory exercises will be practised (participants on mute). Warning: Do not do this workshop if you have a sleeping baby in the same room!

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