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Passaggio and Mixed Voice: An Estill Perspective

Introductory Workshop
Course ID: 9
Date: 2019/03/24 to 2019/03/24 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: Registration 9.45-10.30am; Course runs from 10:30am-5:00pm including short Open Session Cost: £110; £85 Early Bird rate if booked before 01 Feb Language: English
Instructors: Anne-Marie Speed
Contact: Anne-Marie Speed | | +44 7957 272554
Course Location:
PQA Studios King's Cross
242 Pentonville Rd King's Cross 
London Greater London
United Kingdom

Overview:  The passaggio is present in all Voice Qualities and all voices, regardless of how well disguised it is. The strategies adopted depend on where in the range the passaggio presents and to a certain extent, in which quality you are singing in. Clear identification of the muscular shifts necessary to move through the different passaggi are key to smooth transitions and successful practise.

Mixed Voice is another common term, the precise definition of which can depend on the individual teacher. 

The Estill Model provides a unique framework to both understand and work through the different passaggi. It also clarifies some of the confusion around the term ‘mixed’ voice by offering physiological explanations alongside practical exercises to both identify and train the ‘mixed’ voice. 

This day will look at varying definitions of ‘mixed voice’ according to different genres including, classical, musical theatre and pop.

The day will include:

·      What is the passaggio? What is a ‘mixed voice’?

·      Clarification of different passaggi and where in the range they present

·      Physiological definitions

·      Discussion of mixed voice

·      Definitions

·      Proven, practical approaches

Suitable for: People new to the model; those familiar with the Model, looking for clarification and consolidation; singers and teachers; students and professionals.

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