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Estill Voice Training and Tools for Choral Singers

Special Topics
Course ID: 889
Date: 2020/07/04 to 2020/07/04 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 12.00-3.00pm Cost: £30.00 Language: English
Instructors: Stefan Holmstrom
Contact: Stefan Holmström | | +44 (0)7970 057660
Course Location:
United Kingdom

  • Do you sing in a choir?
  • Do you find that sometimes your voice scratches or tires after a long rehearsal?
  • Would you like to hit those top notes more easily?
  • Do you struggle to blend your sound with the other voices in your choir?

Singing in a choir is a fantastic thing to do, but from long rehearsals to demanding vocal lines, choral singers' voices face huge challenges. This playful workshop, designed specifically for choral singers, will give you tools to sing more comfortably with less strain, improve your range, control your dynamics and sing with the tone you want.

The workshop is an introduction to Estill Voice Training (EVT), a very efficient method for quickly improving sound and dynamic control and learning to sing without straining the voice. This workshop will cover the anatomy of the voice, group and individual vocal exercises and an application to a simple four-part harmony song. All in all, it's a practical, fun afternoon with opportunities to develop your voice and to connect with others who love choral singing! ​

By the end of the workshop, participants will have:

  • explored sirening as a great tool for warm-ups
  • had an anatomical overview of the voice
  • explored and begun training the false vocal folds
  • felt how effortful voicing can cause scratching and understood what to do about it
  • learned how to control the true vocal folds
  • learned about deep abdominal breathing
  • sung a song together in four-part harmony
  • experimented with their sound for better blend and different genres

About the trainer

Stefan Holmström is a professional opera singer and Estill Master Trainer (EMT) with many years experience as a performer with companies like Glyndebourne and Opera Holland Park. As musical director for two choirs in Brighton (Resound and Rebelles), Stefan also keenly understands the pressures that choral singers face. Stefan uses Estill Voice Training (EVT) as a baseline for safe and sustainable voice use - an efficient, scientific way to maximise voice control to achieve true performance magic!

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