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Breathing, Support and the Estill Model

Introductory Workshop
Course ID: 8
Date: 2019/03/03 to 2019/03/03 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: Registration 9.45-10.30am; Course runs from 10:30am-5:00pm including short Open Session Cost: £110; £85 Early Bird rate if booked before 01 Jan Language: English
Instructors: Anne-Marie Speed
Contact: Anne-Marie Speed | | +44 7957 272554
Course Location:
PQA Studios King's Cross
242 Pentonville Rd King's Cross 
London Greater London
United Kingdom

Overview:  This popular day follows on from previous workshops in response to many requests for further information on the physiology of breathing & appropriate breathing techniques when performing, acting and singing. The teaching of ‘support’ is still an area fraught with misunderstanding and misinformation. The key to effective teaching of this crucial area of vocal technique is clear understanding of the physiological basis for the need to ‘support’, what is being supported and the most efficient ways to achieve this. Building on information given on earlier courses, we will identify which muscles are needed to support the voice by clarifying the relationship between breath and vocalisation. By using ultrasound techniques, we will also identify those muscles which undermine vocal support and those which are essential to sustained, vigorous voice use, in speaking or singing. Using real time ultrasound, we will demonstrate which muscles tend to be overactive, overwhelming those which are necessary to efficient vocal function. The day will conclude with a short master class, demonstrating the application of the day’s principles in the teaching studio. 

The day will include:

•   Defining ‘support’ physiologically

•   Use of ultrasound to identify key support muscles

•   Demonstration of teaching techniques

•   Myths and misinformation – disentangling fact from fiction

•   Audio and video examples

•   Short master class

Suitable for:  For people both new and familiar with the Model, looking for clarification and consolidation; SLTs, singers and actors; teachers of voice and singing; students and professionals.

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