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The Estill Papers – The Research behind the Estill Model

Special Topics
Course ID: 576
Date: 2020/08/21 to 2020/08/21 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 10 am - 4 pm Cost: 100 Euro / 80 Euro if you are attending the following Estill Euro Summit in Malmø. Language: English
Instructors: Mary McDonald Klimek
Contact: Dorte Hyldstrup | | +4526415382
Course Location:
Inter Arts Center
Bergsgatan 29, 21422 Malmø 
Malmø Skåne


Jo Estill shifted the paradigm for voice teaching when she developed Estill Voice Training® in the 1970s.  Is the research that led to the Estill Voice Model still valid? How do we judge? Join Mary McDonald Klimek, MM, MS-CCC/SLP, and co-author of The Estill Voice Model: Theory and Translation for a day of research explorations.  Learn more about Estill Voice Training's scientific foundation and expand your critical thinking skills. 

The day will address the following questions:

•   What qualifies as research?

•   What are the challenges inherent in voice research?

•   How can we evaluate and critique the quality of voice research presented in symposia and social media?

•   What standards were met in Estill’s research, and how do her results compare to findings and discussions in new research?

Suitable for: For people both new and familiar with the Model, looking for clarification and consolidation; SLTs, singers and actors; teachers of voice and singing; students and professionals.

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