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Weekly Figures & Qualities Practise Groups (ONLINE)

Practice Group
Course ID: 549
Date: 2019/11/23 to 2020/01/11 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 10.00-12.00 (GMT) Cost: 250 Language: English
Instructors: Leon Trayman
Contact: Leon  Trayman | | +447932009891
Course Location:
London United Kingdom
United Kingdom

A series of ONLINE Practise Groups where 2 or 3 figures will be covered in each session & ample opportunities are available to ask questions, really practise the figures, work with Estill VoicePrint. You need to have Estill VoicePrint Plus on your computer although we will use the voiceprint in a shared screen during the meeting.

The figures will covered as follows (although some variations may occur due to timings & the dynamic of the group.)

1 - Effort, False Vocal Folds, Onsets

2 - Body/Cover, Thyroid, Cricoid

3 - Larynx, AES

4 - Velum, Anchoring

5 - Tongue, Lips, Jaw

6 - Speech, Falsetto

7 - Twangs, Sob

8 - Opera, Belt

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