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Crash-Hot Choristers!

Introductory Workshop
Course ID: 485
Date: 2019/10/20 to 2019/10/20 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 2pm - 5pm Cost: $80AUD Language: English
Instructors: Jenny Caire, Kathryn Sadler
Contact: Jenny Caire | | 0404 919 854
Course Location:
Medley Hall
48 Drummond Street 
Carlton Victoria

Crash-Hot Choristers!

Are you in a choir as a chorister or director?

Want to learn more about how to sing well and understand how your voice works?

Find out how to control your voice for high, low, loud or soft singing;

Learn what changes to make when the conductor tells you you’re flat/ sharp, unsupported, dull;

Understand why you become vocally fatigued in singing or speaking.

This workshop is designed for choristers (experienced or otherwise) & choral directors who wish to expand their vocal knowledge in the choral context.

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