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Level 1 and 2 Course

Level 1 and 2 Course
Course ID: 475
Date: 2019/12/16 to 2019/12/20 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 10am to 6pm Cost: Full Fee - $900 AUD plus books purchased from EVI; Early Bird/Student/ Returner - $800 (plus books) Language: English
Instructors: Stephanie Marko, Gerald Marko
Contact: Stephanie Marko | | +61 (03) 8802 8585
Course Location:
Bruce County Hotel (TBC)
Blackburn Road 
Mt Waverley, Melbourne Victoria

Full Fee - $900AUD - plus books purchased directly from EVI - PDFs $55USD (Approx $80AUD) or Hardcopy $85USD (Approx $120AUD)

Early Bird/Student/ Returner - $800AUD - plus books purchased directly from EVI - PDFs $55USD (Approx $80AUD) or Hardcopy $85USD (Approx $120AUD)

EARLYBIRD DEADLINE: 10th November 2019

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Purchase books from EVI by following the links provided (PDFs or Hardcopies - These will be hand delivered to you on Day 1 of the Estill Level 1&2 Course by Stephanie @ The Voice Gym). If you are a returner, you do not need to purchase the books again.

Pay for the course via credit card - (shop - PayPal incurring a 3% surcharge) or contact for Bank Transfer or cash options.

This course is for anyone who would like to improve their singing or speaking voice—singers, actors, vocal coaches, drama instructors, Speech-Language Pathologists and other vocal health professionals. Level One: Figures for Voice™ teaches the tools of the craft to add strength, clarity and stamina to your voice! Participants will use EVT’s innovative Figures for Voice™ to learn control of the vocal structures that influence voice quality. Each Figure employs exercises that will give you new vocal options for all styles speaking and singing. Level Two combines the Figures from Level One to produce six voice qualities: Speech, Falsetto, Sob, Twang, Opera, and Belting. Figure Combinations for Six Voice Qualities™ offers a clear understanding of the voice’s limitless possibilities, along with how to keep it vibrant and healthy. Throughout the day, the new voice skills are practiced in small group sessions. There will also be ample time for questions, discussion, and work on individual repertoire or case studies. 

During the week we spend time playing with sound and explore all the colours options and problem/solution work within the group. Singing in the open coaching sessions is optional. Level 1&2 is a prerequisite for many of the advanced workshops and future qualifications. It is not a qualification of EVT but a prerequisite to the beginning of your journey. 

The Voice Gym is a voice studio that specialises in The Estill Model and craft application. Stephane and Gerald Marko are the directors and they are both EMCIs with Testing Privileges. The Voice Gym mission is to give the power back to the singer/speaker to control their mechanism and apply it to any artistry of their choosing. Both Gerald and Stephanie are puzzlers. Craft offers a creative and inspired opportunity for them to find and solve the issues and release the artistry choices and performance. They enjoy working with open and courageous teachers who continue to be learners. They also work in conjunction with Speech and Language Pathologists and Otolaryngologists to assist/coach injured voices to recover and return with healthier habits (and get that spark of joy back).

This course will be presented by Stephanie Marko.

Stephanie is a EMCI with Testing Privileges from Melbourne Australia with extensive knowledge in the application of the Estill Voice Model in a wide range of genre. She has taught the Estill Courses for 10 years around the world including UK, Europe and is running the first ever Estill 1&2 in China. Stephanie teaches Contemporary Voice and Music Theatre at Popular Voice Degree at Monash University and Masters of Teaching Performance at Melbourne University.

The Course fee does not include the manuals. Level 1&2 Course Manuals must be purchased by participants during the EVI registration process unless they are a returning student.

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