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Contmeporary Singing & The Estill Model

Special Topics
Course ID: 400
Date: 2019/08/24 to 2019/08/24 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 10am - 5.00pm Cost: $132.00 Language: English
Instructors: Naomi Eyers
Contact: Naomi Eyers | | +61 421 428 584
Course Location:
Dance Studio
Annesley College 28 Rose Terrace
Wayville, Adelaide South Australia

Using Estill to identify vocal trends and technical training for the contemporary singer.

Mix, Belting, Speech, Chest, Head, Float - the terminology of voice can be confusing and many contemporary singers struggle with understanding how their voice works - how to make the sounds they want, how to access their full range, how to build stamina and take care of their voices.

Fear that 'technique' will interfere with expression and performance can prevent some singers from developing to their full potential. Understanding how the voice works and how certain sounds are made can be the key to overcoming technical difficulties no matter what the genre or style. 

By using the Estill Model, this workshop will help the singer identify the key physiological elements of the sounds most needed in contemporary voice - what they can do well already and what needs to change in order to achieve the results they want.  Free from aesthetic bias, Estill offers the tools to develop vocal mastery.

As well as working as an internationally acclaimed live and recording singer, Naomi Eyers has worked with many top contemporary artists to help them refine and develop their vocal and performance skills - increasing their range, stamina and vocal colour options.

In this interactive workshop we will use the Estill Voice model as a starting point to explore & define the most useful voice qualities & their application in different contemporary genres. We will use examples through video and audio recordings as well as live demonstrations.

On this one day workshop we will:

  • Explore how the Estill Model can help us to identify and understand the range of sounds most needed for contemporary singing
  • Analysis of key vocal qualities of contemporary & classic artists
  • Vocal Health & stamina - taking care of our voice
  • Effective Warm Ups & Cool downs 
  • Troubleshooting through range.
  • Masterclass for those who would like to address technical challenges and receive feedback

Participants are welcome to bring along a recording of a singer they would like to analyse.

Suitable for singers, voice and singing teachers, students - those new to as well as those familiar with Estill Voice training

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