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Estill For Jazz Singers

Special Topics
Course ID: 361
Date: 2019/08/24 to 2019/08/24 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 10.00am - 5.30pm Cost: $165.00 Language: English
Instructors: Naomi Eyers
Contact: Naomi  Eyers | | +61 421 428 584
Course Location:
Annesley College
28 Rose Terrace 
Wayville, Adelaide South Australia

What are the sounds we need to sing jazz and how do we make them? How do we make adjustments for the different parts of our range? What do we need to do to seamlessly access the different parts of our voices, change vocal tone and colour - or keep it the same? Sustain the tone? Dynamics? What about vibrato: when do we add it or remove it, and how do we control it? And then there is breath, where does that fit in? 

Estill separates singing into 3 different disciplines: Craft - Artistry - Performance Magic. This intelligent approach allows the singer to discover and overcome their technical limitations so that they are free to express their artistry. 

In this one day workshop we will explore the sounds and vocal qualities most useful for the jazz singer. By analysing the vocal qualities and technique of both foundation and contemporary artists, and by using the Estill Voice model, we will discover what is the physical set up required for acoustic outcome - i.e. what do we need to do to make the sounds that we wish to make regardless of our starting point.

The day's program will include:

  • What the Estill Voice Model is and how can it help you
  • What would Nancy, Carmen, Sarah, Ella, Kurt, Mark, Mel, Chet, Bobby, Gretchen, Esperanza do? Analyse and discover - so you can too!
  • The most useful vocal qualities and permutations for the jazz singer - in song and improvisation
  • Vibrato - it’s use in jazz singing: how to and how not to, when to and how much
  • Negotiating ‘the break’
  • Breathy tone - when to and when not to…and what to do to get what you want
  • Extending the range - using all you got!
  • Vocal issues, stamina & health - getting through the gig and still fresh
  • Warm ups, cool downs
  • Troubleshooting - solutions to common problems
  • Masterclass at the end of the day to put into practise the concepts explored during the day

Suitable for anyone with an interest jazz singing: singing students & professionals, - for those new to, as well and those with experience of the Estill Model, for teachers & performers.


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