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Estill Practice Group NYC

Practice Group
Course ID: 345
Date: 2019/06/08 to 2019/06/29 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 10am-11:30am Cost: $280 Language: English
Instructors: Luke Steinhauer
Contact: Luke  Steinhauer | | 4123708023
Course Location:
Krowne Vocal School NYC
146 W. 29th St.  6th Floor
New York New York
United States

Each Saturday in June (starting 6/8), this Estill Voice Training Small Group will explore the figures & qualities taught in Estill Level 1 & 2 with open coaching on songs, speeches, or clinical cases by Estill Master Trainer, Luke Steinhauer at Krowne Vocal School NYC.

This group is especially for those who have attended workshops, courses, or private lessons and want to further their knowledge and exploration of their voices using Estill Voice Training. Could also be used to prep for certification- EFP, EMT, or EMCI.

Join for an engaging, informed, and educated exploration of the human voice using the revolutionary Estill Voice Training. 

Contact Luke Steinhauer or Jennifer Krowne ( for more information. Classes are available for a drop in rate of $80. More information here.

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