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Advanced 1: Repetition of Figures + Qua. - Variations - Pedagogy

Special Topics
Course ID: 30
Date: 2019/01/12 to 2019/01/13 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: Sat. 15.30 - 20.00pm, Sun. 9 - 18pm Cost: 2300 incl. coffee, tea, snack Language: Danish/Swedish
Instructors: Helga Westmark
Contact: Helga Westmark | | +45 -24632212
Course Location:
Postgatan 5  
Göteborg Scandinavia

This course is presented by Helga Westmark, who has been with the EVT for more than 25 years. She has a long experience as Estill Mentor & Course Instructor in Europe and is educating new people all the way through the EVT system - as she has Advanced Testing Privileges and Service Distinctions. She was taught and educated by Jo Estill herself during the 1990´s. Read more on

This Advanced 1 course is mostly for people who have attended Level One & Two courses. The course will focus on repetition and more advanced exercises of Level One & Two and analysis of problems & solutions/Pedagogical issues. Variations of Basic Voice Qualities. We will mostly work practically and integrate figures and qualities into music and focus on individual training. Register here:

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