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Easy prompts for difficult voice science in Estill Voice Training - ONLINE
Course ID: 2613
Date: 2023/09/30 to 2023/09/30 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 6pm-9pm Cost: 99,-€ Language: English
Instructors: Johanna Kellerer
Contact: Johanna Kellerer | | 0049/8621/649002
Course Location:
Herzog-Ludwig-Straße 21b 
83308 Trostberg Bavaria

Will I ever be able to understand that stuff?: F0 is H1 is a harmonic but F1 is a formant…? And what does it have to do with the unique sound of my voice and with what I see on Voiceprint Plus? This workshop is about making difficult voice science as simple as possible with every day live prompts, sensory exercises, images and hand signals. It helps to explain these tasks more easily to our students - and understand it ourselves!

Main language will be English but I can translate everything into German. Some short brain breaks are included in the lesson time.

Werde ich es je verstehen? F0 ist H1 und ein Oberton aber F1 ist ein Formant…? Und was hat das mit dem Klang meiner Stimme und dem was ich in Voiceprint Plus sehe zu tun? In diesem Workshop geht es darum, komplizierte wissenschaftliche Vorgänge bei der Stimmproduktion einfach zu machen durch Beispiele aus dem Alltag, Körperexperimente, Bilder und Handzeichen. Wichtige Tools für den Unterricht - und das eigene Verständnis!

Ich werde hauptsächlich in Englisch unterrichten kann aber natürlich alles auch auf Deutsch erklären! Es wird zwischendurch ein paar kurze Pausen geben.

Estill Voiceprint Plus™ is highly recommended for this practice group. Purchase this software (APP) for MAC or PC at the time of registration and receive 25% off the regular price. (This is a one-time offer at registration only).

A Certificate of Attendance will be issued upon completion of this workshop. This certificate is not a requirement for Trainer Certification in Estill Voice Training®.

Cancellation policies are at the discretion of the course instructor. Refunds or course credit may or may not apply. Refer to the course description or contact the course instructor for more information.

*Estill Voice Training®, and its parent company Estill Voice International, LLC, has neither an aesthetic nor gender bias and stands for the strengthening of cultural diversity, plurality and inclusion.

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