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Special Topics

Belting I - First steps
Course ID: 251
Date: 2019/04/14 to 2019/04/14 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 10:00-19:15 Cost: 160,000 KRW (up to 20% discount for students, early bird and more. Contact the host) Language: Korean
Instructors: Francesco Mecorio
Contact: Seong Ah Lee | | 02-2235-9727 /카카오톡 @극단뮤토
Course Location:
극단뮤토 - Theatermuto
중구 다산로 207 태정빌딩 4층 (Chongu, Dasan -ro 207 DaeJeong Building, 4th floor) Seoul, Korea 
Seoul Seoul

BELTING is a specific type of very loud voice production used in musical theatre, pop, different kinds of folk music, and in some ways even in some operatic performance and in acting.

Thrilling and exciting, often mistakenly called “chest voice in the high range” or “mix”, its common definition, as well as its relationship with vocal health, can be controversial.

More and more performers every year are using belting in their performance, especially in Korea, where its definition was unknown until some years ago. 

Estill Voice Training offers a detailed physiological description of belting and a series of detailed exercises. There are “dos and don’ts” to establish a safe, effective, successful belting

In this workshop, we’ll try to clarify all the doubts about belting, explain its physiology, establish a basic practice, and learn easy but safe exercises to build a belting sound successfully and safely.

Those who are totally new to EVT can participate, and a short general introduction will be given at the beginning of the day. The attendance of at least one introductory workshop (or higher level), and/or some training with an Estill teacher is recommended, though not mandatory, for a better understanding.

The conclusion of the workshop will be a masterclass/open session where volunteers will have the chance to work on belting for acting and singing.

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