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Belting Beautifully - Exploring Estill Belt
Course ID: 2440
Date: 2023/06/24 to 2023/06/24 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 10am - 5pm Cost: Workshop fee: AUD $165, Masterclass participants: AUD$185 (includes w/shop fee) Language: English
Instructors: Naomi Eyers
Contact: Hannah  May | | +61 499 462 134
Course Location:
Mount Carmel College
361 Sandy Bay Road Sandy Bay,
Hobart, Tasmania

This one day workshop is for anyone interested in learning more about Belting and how they can use it safely and easily in their singing, performance and also the best approach in teaching. This exciting voice quality can be made without any danger to vocal health when produced correctly and efficiently. Based on Estill’s research, belting is defined by its acoustic, perceptual and physiological characteristics and throughout the day we will use the Estill Voice model as a basis to explore this powerful voice quality in exercises and application. 

We will focus on the Estill tools to produce belting in a safe and sustainable way and apply this quality in repertoire via demonstrations and an ‘open session’ in the afternoon with opportunity for questions and answers.

What the workshop will include: 

 * Belting basics - what is it? Estill's definition and beyond

* Things we need to know to sing loud, sing high, sing safely

* Building a healthy Belt.

* How do we make it ‘pretty’? The essential ingredient for making your belting sweeter.

* How to generate vibrato without losing power.

* When would we use it - and when we might want to use something else

*Belting repertoire: Rock, Pop, RnB, MT, etc - exploring the differences

* Tips on troubleshooting & practice...and more!

Join us for some joyous (and beautiful) noise making!

Suitable for: anyone interested in Belting: Teachers, professional singers, students, enthusiasts, actors. Those new to Estill as well as those who have previously participated in Estill Voice Training Courses. 

A limited amount of places are available for those who would like to work 1 to 1 with Naomi in a masterclass situation to troubleshoot their specific Belting challenges.

To book masterclass use this LINK:

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