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Special Topics

EVT & the Male Identifying Voice
Course ID: 2267
Date: 2023/03/11 to 2023/03/11 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 1pm- 5pm cet Cost: €60 Language: English
Instructors: Bram Versteegen- van Dort
Contact: Bram Versteegen- van Dort | | +31613279133
Course Location:
Voorstadslaan 33d 6541 ab
Nijmegen Europe

Hi Singers!

As singers we often feel we have to choose between singing in Thick, Thin or Stiff True Vocal Folds, or "Chest or Head Voice". Male identifying singers have many default settings. This workshop is created for male identifying voice users.

What if we could find a Mix, a "centre note", and build your voice from there?

Content of the workshop:

* Basic Anatomy & Physiology of the Voice

*The Estill Figures

* The Estill figures: Which to Mix When

* Open Session (subscription on beforehand): How to Mix in your chosen song or text

Let's Mix!

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