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Special Topics

Variations of the Estill Voice Qualities & strategies for a "mixed voice".
Course ID: 2259
Date: 2023/03/19 to 2023/03/19 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 13 - 17 GMT + 1 Cost: 100 € / 85 € students Language: English Prerequisites: Estill Level One & Two Course
Instructors: Dorte Hyldstrup
Contact: Dorte Hyldstrup | | +4526415382
Course Location:
Online Copenhagen GMT + 1
Copenhagen Copenhagen

This is an Advanced workshop only open to those who attended a Level One & Two Course.

The workshop will begin with a practical repetition of the Six Estill Voice Qualities.

This will be followed by typical variations and different ways to mix your voice according to different aesthtetic choices.

Presented by Dorte Hyldstrup, one of Europe´s most experienced Estill Voice Course Instructors.

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